MAN WITH A MISSION - I'll be there [2024.04.25✕MP3✕RAR]

MAN WITH A MISSION - I'll be there [2024.04.25✕MP3✕RAR]

MAN WITH A MISSION - I'll be there
Detail:  LiSA - 拝啓、わたしへ
Artist & Title LiSA - 拝啓、わたしへ  
File FormatMP3
Release Date2024.04.24


MAN WITH A MISSION, the dynamic Japanese rock band known for their electrifying performances and unique blend of rock and electronic music, returns with their latest single, "I'll be there." Released on April 25, 2024, this high-energy anthem is poised to captivate listeners with its infectious beats and empowering lyrics, reaffirming the band's status as one of Japan's most exciting musical acts.

The Resilient Spirit of "I'll be there":

"I'll be there" serves as a rallying cry for resilience and perseverance in the face of adversity. With its driving rhythm and uplifting melodies, the song channels the band's signature energy into a powerful message of hope and determination. As the world grapples with uncertainty and challenges, MAN WITH A MISSION delivers a timely reminder that we are stronger together and capable of overcoming any obstacle.

Empowering Lyrics and Catchy Hooks:

At the heart of "I'll be there" are its empowering lyrics and catchy hooks, which resonate with audiences of all ages. The song's chorus, with its anthemic refrain of "I'll be there for you," is sure to strike a chord with listeners, inspiring them to keep pushing forward in pursuit of their dreams. Whether you're facing personal struggles or navigating the complexities of the world, "I'll be there" offers a beacon of hope and encouragement.

A Sonic Journey of Resilience:

With its pulsating beats, electrifying guitar riffs, and soaring vocals, "I'll be there" takes listeners on a sonic journey of resilience and determination. From its opening notes to its exhilarating climax, the song builds momentum, urging listeners to rise above adversity and embrace the possibilities that lie ahead. Whether you're blasting it through your headphones or rocking out at a live concert, "I'll be there" is guaranteed to get your heart racing and your spirits soaring.


AAs MAN WITH A MISSION unleashes "I'll be there" onto the world, they invite listeners to join them on a musical adventure filled with passion, energy, and unwavering optimism. With its infectious melodies and empowering lyrics, the song serves as a reminder that even in our darkest moments, we are never alone. So turn up the volume, let the music wash over you, and let MAN WITH A MISSION's latest anthem inspire you to keep moving forward, no matter what challenges may come your way.

Tracklist:  LiSA - 拝啓、わたしへ mp3

1. 拝啓、わたしへ

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