UVERworld - Eye's Sentry (Anime ver.) [2024.01.07✕MP3✕RAR]

UVERworld - Eye's Sentry (Anime ver.) [2024.01.07✕MP3✕RAR]

UVERworld - Eye's Sentry (Anime ver.)
Detail:  UVERworld - Eye's Sentry (Anime ver.)
Artist & Title UVERworld - Eye's Sentry (Anime ver.)  
File FormatMP3
Release Date2024.01.07


Prepare for a musical fusion that transcends dimensions as UVERworld, the maestros of Japanese rock, unveils "Eye's Sentry (Anime ver.)," a dynamic addition to the soundtrack of Blue Exorcist (青の祓魔師). Released on January 7, 2023, this track promises to immerse fans in an auditory journey where the realms of UVERworld's music intersect with the supernatural world of Blue Exorcist.

Unveiling the Power of "Eye's Sentry (Anime ver.)":

Supernatural Symphony "Eye's Sentry (Anime ver.)" introduces listeners to a supernatural symphony that resonates with the thematic elements of Blue Exorcist. UVERworld's signature sound, characterized by Takuya∞'s commanding vocals and the band's instrumental prowess, blends seamlessly with the mystique of the anime's universe, creating an atmospheric experience that heightens the series' impact.

Sonic Synchronization:

The sonic synchronization between "Eye's Sentry (Anime ver.)" and Blue Exorcist is nothing short of extraordinary. The track is strategically woven into pivotal moments of the anime, enhancing the emotional depth and tension within key scenes. UVERworld's ability to synchronize their music with the visual narrative demonstrates a profound understanding of storytelling through sound.

Key Highlights of "Eye's Sentry (Anime ver.)":

Impactful Integration "Eye's Sentry (Anime ver.)" is not merely a song featured in an anime; it is an integral part of Blue Exorcist's narrative. The track's lyrics, composition, and pacing align with the themes and emotions expressed in the anime, contributing to a holistic and immersive viewing experience. Fan Anticipation Fans of both UVERworld and Blue Exorcist can anticipate the release of "Eye's Sentry (Anime ver.)" with heightened excitement. The collaboration between the renowned rock band and the acclaimed anime series has sparked curiosity and enthusiasm within the anime community, making it a highly anticipated musical event.

Where to Experience the Convergence:

For fans eager to experience the convergence of UVERworld's music and Blue Exorcist's supernatural world, "Eye's Sentry (Anime ver.)" is available on various digital platforms. Dive into the captivating soundscape created by this collaboration, whether you're streaming on popular music services or curating your anime-inspired playlist.

Limited-Edition Anime Collectibles:

Elevate your Blue Exorcist collection with limited-edition releases associated with "Eye's Sentry (Anime ver.)." Exclusive merchandise, autographed copies, or anime-themed album covers may accompany special editions, offering fans a tangible connection to the collaboration.


In conclusion, "Eye's Sentry (Anime ver.)," released on January 7, 2023, is a testament to UVERworld's ability to enrich anime soundtracks with their distinctive sound. Immerse yourself in the supernatural synergy of music and animation as "Eye's Sentry" becomes an indelible part of Blue Exorcist's sonic tapestry.

Tracklist:  UVERworld - Eye's Sentry (Anime ver.) mp3

1. Eye's Sentry (Anime ver.)

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