STU48 - 君は何を後悔するのか? Special Edition [2023.11.15✕MP3✕RAR]

STU48 - 君は何を後悔するのか? Special Edition [2023.11.15✕MP3✕RAR]

STU48 - 君は何を後悔するのか? Special Edition
Detail: STU48 - 君は何を後悔するのか? Special Edition
Artist & Title STU48 - 君は何を後悔するのか? Special Edition  
File FormatMP3
Release Date2023.11.15


November 15, 2023, marked a momentous occasion for STU48 enthusiasts as the acclaimed idol group unveiled a Special Edition of their latest single, "君は何を後悔するのか?" (What Will You Regret?). In this special release, STU48 invites listeners to embark on a journey of reflection and discovery through a reimagined sonic experience.

The Evolution of Emotion:

"君は何を後悔するのか?" Special Edition is not merely a song; it's the evolution of emotion captured in musical form. Released on November 15, 2023, this edition breathes new life into the original, presenting listeners with a fresh perspective that explores the depths of regret, redemption, and the intricate tapestry of human emotion.

Reimagined Soundscape:

The Special Edition introduces a reimagined soundscape, where familiar melodies intertwine with novel arrangements. STU48, known for their captivating performances, infuses the song with a renewed energy that captivates the senses and invites listeners to rediscover the emotional nuances within "君は何を後悔するのか?"

The lyricism that Resonates:

The lyrics of "君は何を後悔するのか?" delve into the universal theme of regret, asking poignant questions that linger in the listener's mind. The Special Edition amplifies the lyrical depth, with each word becoming a vessel for introspection and connection to the shared human experience.

Visual Narrative:

Accompanying the release is a visual narrative that complements the emotive essence of the song. The music video, a visual masterpiece in its own right, adds layers to the storytelling, offering fans a multi-sensory experience that aligns with the emotional journey embarked upon in "君は何を後悔するのか?" Special Edition.

STU48's Artistic Evolution:

With the Special Edition, STU48 showcases their artistic evolution and commitment to pushing musical boundaries. The song not only resonates with fans who have followed the group's journey but also introduces new listeners to the unique soundscape that defines STU48's place in the contemporary idol music scene.

Connect with STU48:

As "君は何を後悔するのか?" Special Edition reverberates through the airwaves, and STU48 invites fans to connect with the group on social media platforms. Share your interpretations, reflections, and experiences with this special release, and become part of the community that celebrates STU48's artistic prowess.

Limited-Time Musical Odyssey:

"君は何を後悔するのか?" Special Edition is not just a song; it's a limited-time musical odyssey released on November 15, 2023. Whether you've been a dedicated fan of STU48 or are just discovering their musical magic, this special release offers a unique opportunity to delve into the group's evolving sonic landscape.


In the realm of J-Pop and idol music, STU48's "君は何を後悔するのか?" Special Edition stands as a testament to the group's ability to evoke emotion and connect with their audience. As you embrace the reimagined sounds of this special release, let the poignant melodies and introspective lyrics guide you through a profound musical experience.

Tracklist:  STU48 - 君は何を後悔するのか? Special Edition mp3

1. 君は何を後悔するのか?
2. 雨とか涙とか
3. 楡の木陰の下で
4. 幽体離脱と金縛り
5. 愛をもらったこともあげたこともない

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