ReoNa - R.I.P. (Special Edition) [2023.11.15✕MP3✕RAR]

ReoNa - R.I.P. (Special Edition) [2023.11.15✕MP3✕RAR]

ReoNa - R.I.P. (Special Edition)
Detail: ReoNa - R.I.P. (Special Edition)
Artist & Title ReoNa - R.I.P. (Special Edition)  
File FormatMP3
Release Date2023.11.15


November 15, 2023, marked a significant moment in the musical landscape as ReoNa unveiled the Special Edition of her hauntingly beautiful single, "R.I.P." This reimagined version not only showcases the artist's evolution but also introduces listeners to a renewed sonic experience that transcends the ordinary.

Elevating the Original:

"R.I.P. (Special Edition)" takes the enchanting essence of the original to new heights. ReoNa, known for her vocal prowess and emotive delivery, infuses this Special Edition with a fresh perspective, creating a rendition that captures the nuances of the song in a way that resonates deeply with the audience.

Sonic Brilliance:

The Special Edition is a testament to ReoNa's commitment to sonic brilliance. Every note, every beat, and every lyric has been carefully curated to create a symphony of perfection. The song is a showcase of ReoNa's musical finesse, offering a listening experience that is not just heard but felt.

Reimagined Atmosphere:

"R.I.P. (Special Edition)" introduces a reimagined atmosphere that breathes new life into the original composition. The arrangement, production, and additional elements converge to create a soundscape that is both familiar and refreshingly different. It's a musical journey that invites the listener to rediscover the magic of "R.I.P."

Visual Companion:

To complement the release, a visually captivating music video accompanies "R.I.P. (Special Edition)." The video serves as a visual companion, enhancing the emotional narrative of the song. It's an artful marriage of sound and sight, inviting fans to immerse themselves fully in the artistic vision of ReoNa.

Connecting Through Renewal:

As "R.I.P. (Special Edition)" echoes through speakers worldwide, ReoNa encourages fans to connect with her on this journey of renewal. Engage with the artist on social media, sharing your thoughts and experiences with this reimagined masterpiece. It's a chance for fans to be part of the continuing story of "R.I.P."

Limited Edition Experience:

The Special Edition is not just an update; it's a limited-edition experience for fans who appreciate the artistry and evolution of ReoNa's music. This version adds a new layer to the song's legacy, making it a must-listen for both longtime enthusiasts and those discovering ReoNa's work for the first time.


"R.I.P. (Special Edition)" is more than a song; it's a testament to the perpetual evolution of artistic expression. Whether you're captivated by the original or intrigued by the concept of a special edition, this rendition is a journey into the heart of ReoNa's creativity.

Tracklist:  ReoNa - R.I.P. (Special Edition) mp3

1. R.I.P.
2. 地球が一枚の板だったら
3. 原作者
4. VITA -The Days-
5. R.I.P. -Instrumental-
6. R.I.P. -TV ver. α-
7. R.I.P. -TV ver. β-

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