FANTASTICS from EXILE TRIBE - Tell Me [2023.08.16✕FLAC✕MP3✕RAR]

FANTASTICS from EXILE TRIBE - Tell Me [2023.08.16✕FLAC✕MP3✕RAR]

Detail:  FANTASTICS from EXILE TRIBE - Tell Me 
Artist & Title FANTASTICS from EXILE TRIBE - Tell Me  
File FormatFLAC  + MP3
Release Date2023.08.16


FANTASTICS from EXILE TRIBE, the sensational Japanese pop group renowned for their electrifying performances and chart-topping hits, has once again captured the hearts of music enthusiasts with their latest release, "Tell Me." This vibrant and melodious track, released on August 16, 2023, is making waves in the music industry, showcasing the group's signature style and undeniable talent.

A Mesmerizing Musical Journey:
"Tell Me" takes listeners on a mesmerizing musical journey that is quintessentially FANTASTICS from EXILE TRIBE. The song's infectious beats, dynamic rhythms, and captivating lyrics seamlessly come together to create a sonic masterpiece that leaves an indelible mark.

Stellar Vocals and Harmonies:
Known for their remarkable vocal prowess, FANTASTICS from EXILE TRIBE once again delivers a standout performance in "Tell Me." The song showcases the group's harmonious blend of voices, with each member contributing their unique vocal strengths to create a rich and captivating sound.

Energetic Choreography:
FANTASTICS from EXILE TRIBE is renowned for their dynamic and energetic choreography, and "Tell Me" is no exception. The accompanying music video is a visual spectacle, featuring intricate dance routines and visually stunning visuals that perfectly complement the song's lively energy.

Lyrics that Resonate:
"Tell Me" boasts lyrics that strike a chord with listeners, addressing themes of love, longing, and communication. The emotive lyrics combined with the group's heartfelt delivery create an emotional connection that resonates with fans on a deeper level.

A Testament to FANTASTICS' Evolution:
With each new release, FANTASTICS from EXILE TRIBE continues to evolve and push the boundaries of their artistry. "Tell Me" is a testament to the group's dedication to their craft and their ability to consistently deliver music that is fresh, innovative, and captivating.


FANTASTICS from EXILE TRIBE's latest song, "Tell Me," is a testament to the group's enduring appeal and their ability to create music that captivates audiences around the world. Released on August 16, 2023, this track is a shining example of the group's musical prowess, featuring stellar vocals, energetic choreography, and lyrics that resonate. As FANTASTICS from EXILE TRIBE continues to push the boundaries of their artistry, "Tell Me" stands as a compelling reminder of their unwavering commitment to delivering music that leaves a lasting impact. Whether you're a dedicated fan or a music enthusiast looking for your next favorite track, "Tell Me" is a must-listen that promises to leave you entranced and wanting more. 

Tracklist: FANTASTICS from EXILE TRIBE - Tell Me Flac mp3

1. Tell Me
2. Play Back - KO3 Remix
3. サンタモニカ・ロリポップ - ☆Taku Takahashi Remix
4. Tell Me (Instrumental)
5. Play Back - KO3 Remix (Instrumental)
6. サンタモニカ・ロリポップ - ☆Taku Takahashi Remix (Instrumental)

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