TWICE - Hare Hare [2023.05.12✕FLAC✕MP3✕RAR]

TWICE - Hare Hare [2023.05.12✕FLAC✕MP3✕RAR]

TWICE - Hare Hare
Detail:  TWICE - Hare Hare 
Artist & Title TWICE - Hare Hare  
File FormatFLAC + MP3
Release Date2023.05.12

K-pop fans around the world have something to celebrate with the release of TWICE Japan's 10th single, Hare Hare, which was released on May 12, 2023. The single is a testament to the group's popularity and success, and fans are sure to love the upbeat and catchy track.

Hare Hare is a high-energy dance-pop song that features TWICE's signature sound and style. The song's lively beats and catchy chorus are sure to get fans dancing and singing along. The music video is just as fun and colorful, featuring the members of TWICE showing off their incredible dance moves and unique personalities.

The release of Hare Hare marks another milestone for TWICE, who has become one of the biggest K-pop groups in the world. With their catchy music, stunning visuals, and incredible talent, the group has won over fans both in their native Korea and around the world.

TWICE Japan's 10th single, Hare Hare, is a must-listen for fans of K-pop and TWICE. With its high-energy beats, catchy chorus, and stunning music video, the single is sure to be a hit. Be sure to check it out on your favorite streaming platform or pick up a physical copy to add to your collection.

Tracklist:  TWICE - Hare Hare Flac mp3

1. Hare Hare

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