律可 - rebirthful [2023.04.17✕MP3✕RAR]

律可 - rebirthful [2023.04.17✕MP3✕RAR]

律可 - rebirthful
Detail:  律可 - rebirthful
Artist & Title 律可 - rebirthful  
File FormatMP3
Release Date2023.04.17

Vtuber Rikka (律可), a member of the popular virtual entertainment group Hololive, released a new song called "rebirthful" on April 17, 2023. The song showcases Rikka's beautiful voice and marks her debut as a singer.

"rebirthful" is a pop ballad that tells a story of self-discovery and personal growth. The lyrics speak about the challenges of finding oneself and overcoming obstacles to become a better person. The melody is simple and beautiful, and Rikka's vocals are smooth and emotive. The song is a testament to Rikka's musical talents and her ability to convey deep emotions through her voice.

In addition to the powerful lyrics and vocals, the music of "rebirthful" is also noteworthy. The instrumental backing is well-crafted and complements Rikka's voice perfectly. The overall production quality is high, making it a pleasure to listen to.

"rebirthful" is not just a great song, it is also an important one. It brings attention to the universal struggles of self-discovery and personal growth that many people can relate to. The song is a message of hope and inspiration, encouraging listeners to embrace their inner strength and strive towards a brighter future.

Overall, "rebirthful" is a must-listen for fans of Vtuber Rikka and anyone who appreciates beautiful music with a positive message. It is a song that will lift your spirits and leave you feeling inspired.

Tracklist:  律可 - rebirthful mp3

1. rebirthful
2. rebirthful (instrumental)

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