NMB48 - NMB13 [2023.03.08✕MP3✕RAR]

NMB48 - NMB13 [2023.03.08✕MP3✕RAR]

NMB48 - NMB13
Detail:  NMB48 - NMB13
Artist & Title NMB48 - NMB13  
File FormatMP3
Release Date2023.03.08


On March 8, 2023, NMB48 will release its eagerly anticipated fourth album, taking fans on a musical voyage unlike any other. The album, which is titled "NMB13" after the first track, should be a treat for fans, demonstrating the group's variety and artistic development. This post will discuss the fourth album by NMB48 and why you should listen to it.


NMB48's fourth album, "NMB13," showcases their ongoing development as musicians. There are 13 songs on the album in all, including the title tune "NMB13," as well as several previously unreleased songs and fan favorites. The subject of the album is "journey," and each song on it promises to transport listeners on a musical journey alongside NMB48.

Unique Features:

The group's fourth album, NMB48, is expected to highlight their artistic development and flexibility. Between energetic dance numbers and moving ballads, the album's musical genres are varied. "NMB13," the album's lead single, is a positive and contagious song that will surely get you moving. Other outstanding songs are "想像のピストル" a moving ballad that highlights the group's vocal prowess, and "欲望者" an uplifting and empowering piece that exhorts listeners to achieve their ambitions.

Why You Should Listen:

The fourth album from NMB48 is expected to be a unique musical experience that demonstrates the group's artistic development and variety. The songs range from energetic dance numbers to moving ballads, and each one promises to take listeners on a different musical trip. The fourth album from NMB48 is essential listening if you enjoy J-pop or are just looking for fresh music.


The fourth album from NMB48 is expected to be a musical voyage that fans won't want to miss. The 13 songs on the album, including the lead single "NMB13," highlight the group's artistic development and range. The album promises to take listeners on a special musical journey with NMB48, featuring everything from lively dance numbers to moving ballads. Remember to put March 8 on your calendar in 2023 and be ready to listen to NMB48's fourth album.

Tracklist:  NMB48 - NMB13 mp3

1. Done
2. 最高に下品なアタシ (小嶋花梨)
3. Enjoy無礼講! (りぷりっぷる)
4. 今さら道頓堀
5. 想像のピストル
6. ワロタピーポー
7. 欲望者
8. 僕だって泣いちゃうよ
9. 床の間正座娘
10. 母校へ帰れ!
11. 初恋至上主義
12. だってだってだって
13. 恋なんかNo Thank You!
14. シダレヤナギ
15. 恋と愛のその間には
16. 好きだ虫
17. ごめん 愛せないんだ (Team N)
18. 涯 (Team N)
19. ダンシングハイ (Team N)
20. 真正面 (Team M)
21. 青春はブラスバンド (Team M)
22. 我が友よ 全力で走っているか? (Team M)
23. 無限大ノック (Team BII)
24. Be happy (Team BII)
25. 青春念仏 (Team BII)
26. 告白の空砲 (難波鉄砲隊其之九)
27. 選ばれし者たち (きゅんmart)
28. やさしさの稲妻 (だんさぶる!)
29. 僕だけの君でいて欲しい (Queentet)
30. 夢は逃げない (研究生)
31. 夢中人
32. 青春のラップタイム (2023)

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